HsHtmlExpander Example 5: JW FLV MediaPlayer

This example demonstrates how you can display the JW FLV MediaPlayer 5.4 in an highslide popup. Click here to see the player in action.

The highslide HsHtmlExpander was used to create the link above. It loads an external html file into an Iframe via highslide. The external html file loads and initializes the media player. All the files used in this example are stored in a directory named images/stories/flash.

You can see the contents of the external html file by right clicking on the 'here' link above and selecting 'open link in new window' from the context menu. This should open a page with just the player on it. Right click on that page and select 'view source' from the context menu to see the contents of the external html file.

The settings used in the HsHtmlExpander are shown below.